The Al Wasl Plaza Café, personified as a woman, encapsulates grace, modesty, and tranquility. She is inviting and considerate, taking delight in applauding the talents of others. As a motherly figure, her affinity for nature is innate. Blending seamlessly into the flora & fauna of the Al Wasl Dome, guests will be led on a path of discovery, situating Al Wasl Plaza Café as a treasured secret.
Every element of her space will be purposefully designed, contributing to a contemporary & elegant ambiance. From her personalized tableware & bespoke uniforms to her refined all-day menu, she will embody effortless sophistication. The spirit of connection at Al Wasl extends to the culinary direction, presenting an array of pastries and small plates featuring homemade recipes from the figures in her circle.
Additionally, the Al Wasl Plaza Café will stage talks by influential figures, exhibit local artists' works, and offer all a safe, calm space for work and collaboration. The Al Wasl Plaza Café aims to be much more than a place for coffee and snacks; it is envisioned as a cultural and community hub.

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