Title: Expo 2020 Dubai Mascots 2019 - 2021 
Credits: The Narrative Lab, Licensing, EXpo 2020 Dubai
Worked closely with the Licensing department to insure and give final approvals on Mascot product designs sold instore and all over UAE. In addition supported with concept creation, visual designs, and illustrations.

Title: DMA Mascot Show 2022 
Credits: The Narrative Lab, Events and Entertainment, Expo 2020 Dubai
Illustrated visuals where created in order to support a Mascot show that was happening on DMA stage during the 6 month period.
Title: Expo Explorer Air Train 2019
Credits: The Narrative Lab, Visitor Experience, Expo 2020 Dubai
Tour the site sustainably on free-of-cost electric and compressed-air trains. Meandering the site on fixed routes, the black and yellow trains trace the three districts slowly for sightseeing. This is ideal for families with children.

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